Wet Adventures – Summer refreshment

For the full beginners’ course, the duration is 6 days with an hour of coaching and 2 hours of practice.

  Swimming РBeautiful lake and river beaches

  Rafting РSplashing through the Rush River

  Canooeing РKill the Rush rapids

  Paddle Boarding РThe beauty of Rush lake

  Boating РBoat to the island

  Diving РExplore underwater caves



Water Skiing


Kiting With a commitment to make kite-boarding a popular and accessible water sport to all, we offer the best kite-surfing experience along with the pleasures of raw beauty of our spot and island. The place is truly a perfect vacation spot as well. Most of our clients keep visiting us every year.

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If you are new to kite-boarding, have no worries! We offer a range of courses right from introductory courses to learn about safety of kite surfing to general riding lessons which help you learn basic skills and get initiated to the sports. Our advanced courses are for the pros to learn new tricks and amp up their game.

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